Letter to the Representative

Dear Representative Rogers,

Hope today has been a great day. I wanted to follow up with you after yesterday’s great conversation! I’m so excited to get a positive response from you. I hope that while you were contacting Senator Warren and the team, that they were just as enthusiastic.

I am sending along a bit more research that I’ve done to fill in some gaps and hopefully make your job a bit easier. I gathered the names of the representatives who initiated each of the following bills and their contact information. I figured they wouldn’t talk with me because I am an out of state bug and they have plenty of bugs of their own to deal with! That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t respond to you or Senator Warren in an effort to team up/cosponsor and bring it back to legislation.

Here are the following bills that have been brought up this year that I found particularly interesting. Each accompanies the sponsor and their contact information so you don’t have to go search for it yourself:


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