The Fleshlight is easy to replace a partner - Paint Her Pink

Mrs. Derrane, thank you for an awesome night at Relay for Life in Braintree. What a fun way to catch up! Thank you for everything! It seems to me that you are tired of watching these tutorials on how to make your own Fleshlight . If this is the case, I strongly recommend that you continue reading. The Internet is really teeming with information about DIY toys for adults, and sometimes this activity is very exciting.   Learn more about how to keep your money in a safe place with individual discount portals sites . Such resources will allow you to buy goods only at the best prices. Look at the effort! Do you know that these events are an all year affair? The people in the red spend their time raising money and collecting donations throughout the year to put together gift baskets to be auctioned at their designated Relay for Life. Treat yourself and friends But you should always think about your health. The thing is that manufactured devices with their own hands may no

T-Shirts and Goodies

Sometimes when we purchase a T-Shirt for a cause, it is simply out of generosity. Or maybe it is a lighthearted gesture to see community member through with his or her goals. But, I cannot help to think that you are purchasing this shirt because you have been moved by emotion after reading through my site. Thank you for supporting the establishment of my very own Paint Her Pink Foundation.

Ribbon Rally

By sponsoring a tree on the Norwood Common, your business will be contributing to the establishment of the Paint Her Pink Foundation. I reached out to my childhood friend Rich Boch and his family’s automotive empire to donate some giant car ribbons to decorate our town! Location and ribbon size demarcate the level of sponsorship. On the Common $250 You or Your Business will receive: -Photographs of the Business Owner tying the ribbon on the tree will be taken and added to my Paint Her Pink Documentary. This documentary will be viewed by thousands of people during Norwood’s Ribbon Rally and in Boston as part of the Paint Her Pink Project. Pictures will be taking on October 19th between 3 and 5pm. Think of these photographs as if you were an amazing coach of a basketball team cutting the basketball net, like Gino Auriemma) 🙂 -Your Ribbon and Name/Business Logo will remain on the Norwood Common for the remainder of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Permission has been granted by the Norwoo

Dana Farber Institute

The mission of The Paint Her Pink Foundation is to celebrate and support young women while they go through breast cancer treatment. Founder and current breast cancer patient at DFCI, Rhonda Julian, is proud to recognize her Breast Oncologist, Dr. Beth Ann Overmoyer, in her efforts to increase breast cancer awareness. Dr. Overmoyer began a research study in hopes of developing more treatment options for the temperamental Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She established an Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Fund. The essence of The Paint Her Pink Foundation is in community support, and we will go to great lengths to support our own. Please support my amazing, intelligent, and hardworking doctor, Beth Overmoyer, by donating specifically to her cause. To be directed the Dana Farber’s Official Gifting Page supported by The Paint Her Pink Foundation please click on the following two pictures.

Letter to the Representative

Dear Representative Rogers, Hope today has been a great day. I wanted to follow up with you after yesterday’s great conversation! I’m so excited to get a positive response from you. I hope that while you were contacting Senator Warren and the team, that they were just as enthusiastic. I am sending along a bit more research that I’ve done to fill in some gaps and hopefully make your job a bit easier. I gathered the names of the representatives who initiated each of the following bills and their contact information. I figured they wouldn’t talk with me because I am an out of state bug and they have plenty of bugs of their own to deal with! That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t respond to you or Senator Warren in an effort to team up/cosponsor and bring it back to legislation. Here are the following bills that have been brought up this year that I found particularly interesting. Each accompanies the sponsor and their contact information so you don’t have to go search for it yourself:

Merican Society’s Stance on Each Bill

H.R. 80 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Research and Education Act of 2013: ACS CAN has not taken a position on this bill, but supports NIH and NCI research on triple negative breast cancer research.   NCI has identified research in this area a priority for the institute and so our focus has been increasing research at the NIH to make additional progress in cancer prevention and treatment which will have a bigger impact on breast and other types of cancer. As part of ACS CAN’s major campaign to make funding the fight against cancer a national priority, we are advocating to sustain and increase funding for cancer research through NIH and NCI.H.R. 1984 Breast Cancer Patient Education Act of 2013 and S. 931 Breast Cancer Patient Education Act of 2013: We have supported the Breast Cancer Protection Act. ACS CAN and the Society have strongly supported the ability of a physician and patient to freely discuss and decide together what treatment, including length of hospital stay, is medically n

Pretty Little Magic

Dear Tamoxifen, You better do all you say you are gonna do. I was told that you are responsible for keeping my slow-growing cancer at bay for the next 10 years. All I have to do is take you! That’s pretty simple. As in any relationship, I hear that you are planning to give me hot flashes, vaginal dryness, discharge, or irritation; and decreased interest in sex. Of course you will. If it’s not weight gain, it’s gotta be sex drive and everything else so intimate and personal.  Well, since we will be getting to know each other, I am going to accept you with an open mouth. But I really need to know something first. Tell me why I didn’t acknowledge all the side effects of the birth controls I took when I was younger? I never put the pressure on Depo Provera or “the pill.” I didn’t care that breast cancer was a major side effect. Osteoporosis was the big scare, not breast cancer. I was poppin’ Tums like crazy to make sure my bones were made of steel. I don’t mean to hold you to such high st